ATIP provide resources and links for the Australian timber flooring industry to help people make informed decisions on the quality and species.

The ATIP aims to provide information on high quality timber flooring products that are certified and comply with recognised standards and specifications.

Its important to note there are multiple levels of certifications and governing boards that are in place to monitor and provide certification to many different species of timber flooring products.

Organisations are contracted to help with managing such certifications and audits.

ATIP quality programs, resources and links provide independent information about timber products that are 'up to grade' and 'fit for purpose'. Timber carrying the distinctive certification logos is the answer for timber buyers who are looking for quality, consistency and reliability and who wish to avoid the risks associated with buying variable quality timber.

The ultimate purpose of all ATIP quality resources is to consolidate the reputation and continued growth of the Australian timber flooring industry as a source of reliable, high value products, by making quality a significant factor in purchasing decisions.

Not every timber producer or re-manufacturer meets the standards required for certification, however with the increasing number of producers and re-manufacturers now achieving full certification, the full range of ATIP timber species and product types should be readily available. Any distributor, specifier, or user who is looking for the superior reliability and consistency of ATIP timber, should refer to our product/species supplier guide.

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